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NEOM Wellbeing Electric Pod




Experience the ultimate wellbeing companion with the NEOM Wellbeing Pod - your gateway to better sleep, reduced stress, a mood uplift, or increased energy through our 100% natural Essential Oil Blends.

Now featuring a signature white ceramic cover that beautifully complements an upcycled light wood base, this advanced diffuser offers an array of exciting features. With a larger tank, it effortlessly delivers the perfect amount of scent for over 7 hours.

Discover a new guided breathing mode function, where the gentle light brightens for 7 seconds and dims for 11, creating a real moment of tranquility. Take full control of the ambiance with the Pod's touch-sensitive display, allowing you to adjust the light and diffusion intensity to match your mood. Set the scene with dimmable lights, and tailor the diffusing schedule to your liking. Elevate your wellbeing journey with the NEOM Wellbeing Pod and unlock a world of calm, serenity, and positive energy in your surroundings.

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